Half Price And Not Half Bad At All; Lexar’s NM600 NVMe Is No SD Card

Source: Guru of 3D Half Price And Not Half Bad At All; Lexar’s NM600 NVMe Is No SD Card

Lexar’s NM600 M.2 2280 NVMe Is Almost Bulletproof

Ryan’s Law is something we can all sign onto for SSDs; though it may be a wee bit before it’s reach extends from SATA SSDs to NVMe SSDs.  However Lexar is approaching the market in an interesting way, with their 480GB SATA SSD priced at $42 and more importantly 480GB NVMe drive currently selling for $72.

The Guru of 3D tested out this cacheless SM2263XT driven SSD, sacrificing 500MB of their system memory to provide some off board memory for the drive to take advantage of.  Indeed with some serious DDR4 you might be able to eke out a bit more performance than they did.  As should be in an enthusiast product your reads will be extremely fast, though your writes will not be anything to write home about … unlike the pictures you will see in Sebastian’s upcoming review of this very same gum stick.

This review covers the new Lexar NM600 series, this more affordable series 480GB model is plenty fast with a rated sequential read speed up to 2100 MB/s and sequential write speed up to 1600MB/s.

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