No Navi Yet, So Take A Peek At How The Radeon VII Matured

Source: TechSpot No Navi Yet, So Take A Peek At How The Radeon VII Matured

The Battle Of The $700 GPUs

TechSpot have noticed an upswing in requests to revisit the performance of the Radeon VII and how it fares against the RTX 2080 now that it has been out for a bit and the drivers are more mature.  In their original review which compared the relative performance in 33 games they found it averaged out to be 7% slower than the GeForce RTX 2080. 

They have 38 games to test now, including new releases like Rage 2 which many will be more interested in than some of the older titles.  The results are very similar with the games that favoured AMD previously, such as BFV and World War Z still offering the only performance advantage over AMD.  Check out their full set of results here.

Honestly we're not sure why the overwhelming interest, but we've been getting a surprisingly large number of requests for a Radeon VII re-test over the past few weeks, and we couldn't refuse. In what may be the last GPU shootout we put together before Navi arrives, today we have a 38 game benchmark covering 1440p and 4K resolutions.

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