Corsair’s Hydro X Isn’t A Watercooler, It’s a Whole Ecosystem

Source: Modders Inc Corsair’s Hydro X Isn’t A Watercooler, It’s a Whole Ecosystem

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Corsair’s Hydro X Series is a perfect base to start building a system which is fully watercooler.  Modders Inc tested it out and received not one, but two large hard cases full of GPU and CPU waterblocks, a reservoir/pump combo, radiators and fans all RGB’d and iCUE’d, not to mention tubing and coolant as well.   They posted a video review as well as a list of the contents so you can have an idea about what surprises are hiding inside the case.

In addition, Corsair have created a website to help novice and experienced water lovers to get the most out of these new components.  You can enter in your various components and while obviously Corsair-centric, you can enter generic to continue if you choose another manufacture.

New from Corsair is a complete water cooling ecosystem named Hydro X. This new line for Corsair has been in the planning stages for quite some time and it has finally seen daylight. Modders Inc first heard about this new idea a little over a year ago and we are happy to be part of the release.

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