It’s Almost Summer So Stay In The Light And Trace Some Rays

Source: NVIDIA It’s Almost Summer So Stay In The Light And Trace Some Rays

A Pair Of Games Showing Off Ray Tracing

Of the two games aforementioned, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the one you have probably heard something about.  Today it was announced that Infinity Ward is working with NVIDIA to ensure there is nothing fishy about the implementation of DirectX Raytracing and Adaptive Shading in the newest CoD game. The technology will not have a huge impact on gameplay, but one wonders if a mirror of some sort might be unlockable to help you hunt your enemies.

The second game is less well known, but more interesting as it does require DXR and uses that technology as a key part of gameplay.  Stay in the Light depends on the shadows created by a variety of light sources in it’s procedurally generated dungeon to create a spooky mood, as well as to generate a pixel perfect reflection in your hand mirror, which is your only way to spot Him.

The video below shows just how well implemented DXR is in Stay in the Light as well as how important it is to your survival.  NVIDIA also points out that this demonstrates how easy it is to implement their new tech into games, if a tiny indie developer can make such impressive use out of it, imagine what a large studio could pull off if they dared to.

Paradox fans should also make sure they’ve grabbed the new Stellaris archeology simulator and ponder adding Urban Combat to BattleTech; though it does do irreparable harm to the current version of RogueTech.

It’s also used for reflections, usually from one of the critical tools you have to aid your survival, the mirror. The mirror reflects things behind you with pixel-perfect accuracy. So you can keep an eye out for Him as you make your way through the dungeon.

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