Track THIS is a website that will give advertisers an interesting (and probably wrong) view of who you are. Once you select a persona, the website will launch a hundred browser tabs that are relevant to that archetype. It looks like the goal is to show users whose ads are affected by recent browsing history.

The four choices are:

  • Hypebeast, who has an unhealthy obsession with shoes and music
  • Filthy Rich, who loves exotic cars and clubs
  • Doomsday Prepper, who carefully researches canned goods
  • Influencer, who likes holistic medicine and meditation

I tend toward apathy when it comes to advertising. It happens. It can be annoying. People are attempting to change your behavior with a variety of psychological tricks. In terms of tracking, companies are attempting to know more about you than you would honestly disclose (both honest to them and honest to yourself). If they could just ask you, then at least some companies would happily provide the option to not monitor you. I can see people being upset about that, but I rarely care enough to do anything about it.

I care about other forms of data collection, though. I block read receipts to prevent spam from knowing that they found an active email account. If I see a controversy on social media that I do not understand, then I sometimes open a private browsing window to get the gist of it. I am pro-encryption and I dislike software ignoring the user’s wishes. It’s rare to see a (legitimate) ad annoy me, though.

That said, this website should have some entertainment value. I could see myself laughing at certain websites treating me in abruptly different ways. Have fun!