A couple issues have been fixed since NVIDIA released their 430.86 Game Ready WHQL drivers last week. Affected users can download the GeForce Hotfix 430.97 drivers. The rest of us can wait until NVIDIA releases their next set of Game Ready drivers.

The hotfix addresses the following issues:

  • Code 43 when installing on Windows 10 May 2019 with an Intel Sandy Bridge CPU
  • Crash in Forza Horizon 4 when driving through tunnels

If you are not affected by these problems, then you should remain on 430.86 until a new Game Ready driver. You should not see any changes, relative to the last released driver, other than the listed fixes, and there’s always the possibility that one of those could have side-effects.

These drivers will not be found in GeForce Experience. They are found on NVIDIA’s CustHelp page.