Ray Traced Rumours Of Superiority

Source: The Inquirer Ray Traced Rumours Of Superiority

Memories Of NVIDIA’s Super Brick

There are new rumours spreading around the internet concerning the teaser trailer NVIDIA launched during Computex about ‘something super coming‘.  The Inquirer have gathered them into one place, as well as offering their own prognostication about silicon to come in a recent news post.  The first concerns what will make the new RTX cards Super, and it comes from Tweaktown who have heard that there will be new versions of the RTX 2060, 2070 and 2080 which will sport GDDR6.  If this is the case then NVIDIA can easily add a Ti to the end of the first two cards, though the enhanced edition of the RTX 2080 will require a little more thought.

According to WCCFTech, these SupRTX cards would come with a new price, as NVIDIA could cut $100 of the MSRP off of what you currently pay for the cards on the market.  That would make $249, $399 and $599 the prices for the base models which will infuriate those who’ve already bought an RTX card as well as make AMD’s life very interesting when choosing an MSRP for their Navi cards.

As for The Inquirer themselves, they don’t feel that new memory technology is enough to rate being called Super and that what NVIDIA might release is a brand new Turing based Titan card.  It is unlikely we will find out anything more before E3 starts on June 11th, when we expect to hear from both AMD and NVIDIA.

Other than that, we have nothing more but our own pure predictions, so let's indulge in those. There's potential for Nvidia to reveal the next steps for its GeForce Now streaming service, as E3 would be a good place to do that.

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