AMD Raises The Bar On Price And Performance If This Rumour Is Even Slightly Accurate

Source: The Inquirer AMD Raises The Bar On Price And Performance If This Rumour Is Even Slightly Accurate

Geek Out On These AMD Benchmarks

While it is a little early to throw on the party hats and run through the streets praising Dr. Su and her team, these leaked GeekBench scores posted by APISAK are worth at least a little celebration.   The results show the new 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X hitting a single core score of 5,868 and 61,072 in the multi-core Geekbench 4 test while the Core i9-9980XE receives 5,391 and 46,876 respectively.

This is of course a leaked benchmark of an unreleased processor and GeekBench does not reflect real world performance in games and other applications and needs at least a little bit of Khewra’s finest to swallow along with the rumours.  One thing that is known to be true and shows a much larger delta are the prices of these two processors.  The Core i9-9980XE retails for $2000 if you can find it, while the Ryzen 9 38950X is expected to sell for around $750.  

If the performance of the two are in the same ballpark, even with AMD offering lower performance scores that price difference is going to sway a lot of consumers. 

That means the Ryzen part beats the 18-core Intel chip, which according to GeekBench 4's average user-submitted scores, hits 5,391 points for the single-core score and 46,876 for multi-core.

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