VicTsing’s $10 Mobile MM057 Mouse; Simplicity In The Palm Of Your Hand

Source: TechPowerUp VicTsing’s $10 Mobile MM057 Mouse; Simplicity In The Palm Of Your Hand

Wireless Mousing For $10

VicTsing Technology Co., Ltd has been around since 2012 but the MM057 wireless mouse may well be your first encounter with them.  While the name of the manufacturer may not be familiar the sensor is; it uses a PixArt PAW3212 which gives you a resolution of 800 to 2,400 CPI.  There is no software with this minimalist mouse, clicking the CPI button toggles it in jumps of 400 CPI before looping back and as TechPowerUp points out, this means there is no CD to toss out. 

There are some who will dislike the polling rate of 250 Hz, which does add some latency but also increases battery life, the longevity of which in a tiny, lightweight and inexpensive wireless mouse is the main feature.  

Tight budget for a new pointer device? VicTsing's 2.4 GHz wireless mouse might just be what you are looking for - the MM057 hardly consumes any power, is durable, comes with a good material mix, and has a long working distance. It uses a PixArt PAW3212 optical sensor with five pre-defined resolution steps and switches rated for five million clicks.

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