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New Games, New Chances To See DXR In Action

Two new games announced support for Ray Tracing at E3, Projekt CD RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 and Ubisoft’s Watchdogs: Legion.   The latter of those will take place in London, a bit of a change of pace from the first two games and a city that could definitely benefit from better lighting, though a virtual Blighty might offer a few more days of sunshine than the real one does.  The description of the NPC’s is reminiscent of a certain Derek Smart game, as Ubisoft claims “Every single character in the open world is playable, and everyone has a backstory, personality, and skillset that will help you personalize your own unique team.”  The video and screenshots do look rather pretty, but we still don’t know how impressive your cup of afternoon tea will look.

Videos from the other game supporting DXR have been taunting us for the past six years, since the first video was launched and the Ciri rumours began.  We have recently discovered that Theodore ”Ted” Logan will definitely be involved, though not in a ‘Be excellent to each other’ fashion.  With the amount of neon light sources and reflections off of wet surfaces, enabling DXR in this game looks like it is going to take some serious processing power , especially at 4K.   As of now, we are told that April 16, 2020 is the current release date, for dog watchers it will be March 6, 2020.

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