Threadripper’s Greatest Hits, Including Will You Still Need Me When I’m 64 Cores

Source: WCCFTech Threadripper’s Greatest Hits, Including Will You Still Need Me When I’m 64 Cores

Taking X64 To A Whole New Level

Threadripper is fun to guess about, as we did on several podcasts, most recently wondering what place there will be for it after AMD’s Ryzen 3950X hits the streets with it’s 16 cores.   Well, today WCCFTech suggests that the new generation of Threadripper will include a processor with 64 cores and that we might see it before the end of the year.  Details are sparse, we have no clock speeds nor do we know if it will be fabbed on the new 7nm process but the rumour suggests there will be a new chipset along with it.

The X599, if it will be called that, is rumoured to retain the same socket as previous generations implying you will be able to use the new Threadrippers in your X399/499 board with a BIOS update.  That will not enable PCIe 4.0, which one would assume will be present on the new board; we will have to wait until at least the end of the year to find out.

The platform is called X599 right now although I am told AMD is considering changing the name to avoid confusion with Intel. This is not really surprising since both Intel and AMD HEDT platforms have the same nomenclature and it can get really confusing. I am also told that they they plan to retain the "99" suffix. AMD is planning to launch the 64-core Threadripper part and the corresponding platform in Q4 2019. In fact, that is when you can expect these motherboards to start popping up from various AIBs.

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