ADATA Point For Bargain SXy SSD Hunters

Source: Modders Inc ADATA Point For Bargain SXy SSD Hunters

M.2 SSDs; the NVMe Of Ryan’s Law

At $110 for 1TB of NVMe storage it is hard to justify paying $57 for 256GB, or to explain why you are resisting moving to M.2 for storage.  Sure, it isn’t PCIe 4.0 and the Realtek RTS5763DL controller won’t produce an impressive 8W TDP but then again it’s not like you are able to purchase such things today. On the other hand, this Realtek controller scoffs at the need for any DRAM cache though the performance suggests that this is a cost saving measure.

Modders-Inc benchmarked this drive for reads at up to ~2100MB/s and write speeds of ~1500MB/s. This does not quite reach the SX8200 PRO’s 4k stats of ~3400MB/s and ~2300MB/s and it’s $150 price tag suggests why that is.  Isn’t choice a wonderful thing?

A few months ago, ADATA released the SX8200 PRO based on the Silicon Motion 1.3 SSD controller. We reviewed this unit and based on the benchmarks the SX8200 PRO was one of the best we have seen. The SX6000 PRO uses a Realtek Controller which is oriented towards Mainstream demands.

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