Cooler Master Launches the Mini-ITX MasterCase H100

Source: Cooler Master Cooler Master Launches the Mini-ITX MasterCase H100

mITX Case with a 200mm Intake Fan and ATX PSU Support

If you’re looking into a mini-ITX build these days and don’t want to spend too much, a new alternative is the MasterCase H100, Cooler Master’s latest SFF enclosure that has more in common with micro-ATX when you look at its dimensions and PSU support.

A massive 200mm RGB-enabled fan is situated up front to promote airflow along with its fine mesh ventilation, and the simple internal design (along the lines of the Q500L we looked at recently) supports an ATX power supply – though to what (if any) detriment to airflow remains to be explored.

Cooler Master Launches the Mini-ITX MasterCase H100 - Cases and Cooling 2

The MasterCase H100 (banana for scale, and possibly breakfast)

The Cooler Master MasterCase H100 be available soon for $69.99 at Amazon/Newegg.

"From its industrial construction to its generous use of mesh, the H100 fits neatly in the series as a travel-sized alternative. A massive 200mm RGB fan is juxtaposed against the H100’s compact size, designed as a combination of extremes. The fan’s recessed mounting takes advantage of Cooler Master’s signature fine mesh, proven to filter out dust and provide unrestricted ventilation making the cleaning and maintenance process more efficient. The fine mesh spans across the entire front panel and part of the top panel, leaving just enough room for a built-in handle to enhance portability."

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  1. StressedOutCat

    this is way to BIG!
    seems if you want to go build small these days you need to buy niche brands like Louqe, NCase, DAN or CircleTect

    as the bigger companies like Cooler Master, NZXT and Lian-Li seem to not understand the idea of ‘small’ builds

    • Sebastian Peak

      I agree that big, mATX sized mITX is common with larger makers. Funny to think Lian Li makes both the Dan and NCase but that’s a different part of the business.

      I think these companies must get feedback about lack of space for ATX power supplies and the need for low-profile cooling, but isn’t being ultra-small the whole point of mini-ITX to begin with?

      For SFF enthusiasts there are the crowdfunded case projects and the remainder of the market is served what is thought to best represent the lowest common denominator.


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