Introducing New Starter and Streaming PCs from NZXT BLD

Source: NZXT Introducing New Starter and Streaming PCs from NZXT BLD

NZXT Starter PC, Starter Plus, And Streamer Now Available

NZXT have updated their custom PC building service BLD, with three new models to choose from, all powered by Ryzen and selling for between $900-$1500. The BLD service is useful for those who have not built or purchased a machine before, you can enter your three favourite games to play as well as your budget and BLD will tell you the FPS you can expect to see when playing on your new system, plus or minus 10%. For some this may mean they need to increase their budget while for others it might show them how to save a bit and still be happy with the performance.

NZXT is also aiming for a transparent pricing model, detailing the component costs and being up front about the premium associated with a pre-built system:

“Customize your build with our curated parts with straight forward pricing. Crafted from trusted award-winning brands, we show you what we put in, and what they cost. We package it all together with a flat $99 assembly fee.”

It is also a good service for those impatient to get a new system, as once you have completed your order your system will be built and shipped out within 48 hours.  In fact all NZXT Starter and Streaming PC systems purchased from BLD before 11 am PST, Monday through Friday will ship the same day.  The two year warranty and real-time help and troubleshooting via their chat app will help with your piece of mind.

You can see the full specs and looks of the new systems below.

Introducing New Starter and Streaming PCs from NZXT BLD - Systems 2

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