I’m Not Dead Yet; Keller Channels Moore

Source: Wired I’m Not Dead Yet; Keller Channels Moore

A Herculean Effort To Transition To 10nm

Last Sunday in San Francisco Intel held an event featuring Jim Keller, Raja Koduri, Mike Mayberry and others discussing the future of technology in general, including how Moore’s Law continues to be relevant.  Jim Keller was not specifically referring to the actual law of the number of transistors doubling every two years but rather the “technology trends and the physics and metaphysics around that.

He expects Intel will soon offer products which utilize nanowires to pack transistors 50 times more densely than with their soon to arrive 10nm process, with Lakefield being a very early example.  He also talks about how Intel plans to compete in a market where they are no longer the unquestioned leader in the field.  You can also grab a summary at Slashdot, if you prefer.

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