Report: AMD Radeon VII Has Been Discontinued

Source: VideoCardz Report: AMD Radeon VII Has Been Discontinued

Has AMD’s flagship GPU reached EOL after just 5 months?

Navi is here, and based on the impressive performance of the “midrange” RX 5700 series – which handily outclass RX Vega 64 with fewer Compute Units thanks to the new RDNA architecture – it was inevitable that Radeon VII and its expensive HBM2 memory and aging GCN architecture would eventually be phased out. But after just 5 months?

A report by VideoCardz today via Cowcotland claims that “Radeon VII was declared ‘end of life’ last month by AMD”.

From the Cowcotland report (translated):

“This morning, during our tour of shops and prices, we found that the RADEON VII was no longer referenced in some shops and that the few models available here and there had exploded in price. A sign that does not mislead on the survival time of a card.

And we had confirmation a few minutes ago that the card had been declared end of life almost a month ago by AMD.

Report: AMD Radeon VII Has Been Discontinued - Graphics Cards 2

With Navi arriving in 36 and 40 CU versions to begin with it seems plausible that a larger, more powerful desktop part could very well be in the works. Is 64 CUs and 4096 Stream Processors still the limit with RDNA, as it was with GCN? That seems less important now that we have seen what the microarchitectural improvements with RDNA have done to boost performance.

Now we simply wait for AMD to fill out both the high and low end of their Navi product stack, and see if indeed Radeon VII (reviewed here back on February 7) starts disappearing from electronic shelves after a brief run.

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