The latest installment of Games Done Quick, Summer Games Done Quick 2019, ended on Saturday night / Sunday morning with a total of over $3 million USD raised for Doctors Without Borders. The previous record was set in January at Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 with a total of $2.4 million USD. Normally, with 2016 being the only other exception, it is the winter event that brings in the most money in any given year. I am not sure what caused this SGDQ to skyrocket, but it did.

The marathon was to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Typically, it’s Doctors Without Borders in the summer and the Prevent Cancer Foundation in the winter.

At this point, most (if not all) of the runs are available on the Games Done Quick YouTube channel. Three that I recommend are:

There are plenty of other good runs of course. Let us know in the comments if you found a gem over the last week.