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Switch Your Link And Equip All Shields

You may have heard of a project that takes advantage of a small hole in the Nintendo Switch which allows you to install the Lineage 15.1 Android OS.  The project was released today and allows you to use an SD card to flash your Switch over to the Android OS, or simply to boot from the SD card if you don’t want to make such drastic changes to your Switch.

This hack will let you play Steam Link games as well as NVIDIA Shield titles, until Nintendo patches the process which allows this to take place.  As The Inquirer rightly mentions, Nintendo has a history of reacting negatively to such things, so there is a chance your Nintendo account may be blocked once they develop a way to discover modified Switches and patch them.  In the mean time, enjoy a wider variety of games to control with your Joycon, but take note this OS is not able to run your GPS, microphone or camera.

As we reported last week, a team of modders from the XDA Developer community have been working on bringing Android to the Switch since it was first discovered that Ninty and left a vulnerability in the code that will allow it.

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