Nice OS You Got There, Shame If Someone Were To Update It

Source: The Inquirer Nice OS You Got There, Shame If Someone Were To Update It

Citizen, You Have 35 Days To Comply!

Windows 10 has had more EOL dates than any previous Microsoft OS and we are quickly approaching yet another one.  On November 12th Windows 10 1803, aka Spring 2018, will be retired and anyone still on it will be forcibly updated to version 1903, which goes by the alias of May 2019.  You can try to defer it, but after you first see the pop up you will be on a 35 dau countdown until you are updated whether you like it or not.  In theory this is for security reasons, however you can hear the sarcasm dripping from that sentence over at The Inquirer.

On the plus side, you will get to completely skip the Fall Update!

It's not a complete surprise - Microsoft did warn us last month that it would be making in-roads to right the ship soon. Regular updates are at the heart of the "Windows-as-a-Service" model as the company is desperate to avoid the fragmentation experienced by other operating systems.

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    Yea this end of life thing MS likes to try to force on you got old really fast. I was on Windows 10 1709 for the longest time and I finally decided it was time to upgrade so I went to Windows 10 1809 and won’t upgrade again until I see fit to do so not when MS decided I should.

    It is easy enough to block all of this upgrade to new Windows 10 version with a few mouse clicks here and there. I won’t upgrade again until I get a new system in early 2020.


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