Blink Twice To Zoom And Enhance

Source: Slashdot Blink Twice To Zoom And Enhance

Electrooculographic Is Now A Word You Know

A common science fiction trick has come closer to reality, thanks to researchers from the University of California San Diego.  When your eye moves or you blink, electrooculographic signals are generated and these researchers have developed a way for a soft contact lens to detect those signals and change its focal length in response by up to 32%. 

Photographers are certainly familiar with focal length and will know this is not exactly a zoom function in the way that some are describing it, more of a bifocal contact lens that will let you switch from near sighted correction to far sighted correction.   There is still some work to be done before it can be used as a contact lens but the technology behind it is very interesting.

Incredibly, the lens works regardless of whether the user can see or not. It's not about the sight, it's about the electricity produced by specific movements. The researchers believe this innovation could be used in "visual prostheses, adjustable glasses, and remotely operated robotics in the future.

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