A Powerful Revolution In Dust Control From Enermax; The D.F PSU Family

Source: The FPS Review A Powerful Revolution In Dust Control From Enermax; The D.F PSU Family

Push Button To Blow Dust In Your Face

The Enermax REVOLUTION DF 850W is a 80 PLUS GOLD rated PSU with a five year warranty and a wide array of connectors, including two 4-pin 12V ATX plugs for your motherboard and a half dozen 6+2 PCIe power connectors.  In addition to that it sports a button on the back which you can push to temporarily switch the direction of the fan from suck to blow to blow out any dust which has accumulated over its lifetime.

The FPS Review strapped it to their test bench to test out the quality of power it provides when pushed to its limits, as well as taking a listen to the sound of the ambidextrous fan in their latest PSU review.

REVOLUTION D.F. is a full modular power supply series with 80 PLUS® Gold certified efficiency. In addition, REVOLUTION D.F. comes with an exclusive D.F. switch design which offers users to activate the patented DFRTM (Dust Free Rotation) technology anytime they desire.

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  1. willmore

    Doesn’t everyone just lug their PC out to the garage ever 6month or so to use the compressor to dust it out? That’s the only time I don’t like my CM 932 HAF. Weight a freaking ton.

    • Sebastian Peak

      Well they certainly SHOULD

      • willmore

        It’s part of my regular maintenance. I do it for the laptops, too. The only challenge is to remember to stall the fans before you hit them with air. You can easily overspeed a fan with compressed air and destroy its bearings. Just use a non-conducting stick of some sort to hold the impeller in place. You may need to open up a laptop to be able to do that. Then again, you probably need to do that to get at the fins of the heat sink anyway.


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