Boreas? Now, That’s A Name I Have Not Heard In A Long Time

Source: Modders Inc Boreas?  Now, That’s A Name I Have Not Heard In A Long Time

CoolIT With Swiftech

How innocent we were, back at CES in 2008 when CoolIT introduced their new Boreas MTEC CPU/GPU watercoolers bundled with the Silverstone TJ-07, pre-plumbed for your convenience. For a mere $950 you could grab this and have the coolest PC on your block, after parts of course.

It is now over a decade later and the name has returned but it is someone else who revived this memory, it does come with some assembly required but the Swiftech Boreas kit also offers a lot more choice than did the classic edition; not to mention it starts at $260!  Choose a radiator between 120mm to 360mm with a reservoir of 50mm to 300mm along with fans, pumps, cold plates and all the other bits and bobs which make up a custom watercooling kit. 

Modders-Inc reviewed an example of what you can expect from one of the base level kits, as well as suggestions on what else you could order if Sebastian’s review of Corsair’s DIY kit intrigued you until you saw the price.

You want to get into liquid cooling loops and create that unique mod but don’t know where to start? Yeah, we all been there. Solutions from Swiftech are rich with quality products for any budget. The Boreas kits by Swiftech are designed to get you up and running in a matter of minutes.

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