Thrice bitten, AMD’s Sharkstooth Threadripper Won’t Die

Source: The Inquirer Thrice bitten, AMD’s Sharkstooth Threadripper Won’t Die

Call It Leakbench, Hyuk, Hyuk, Hyuk

Something mysterious showed up on a Geekbench result, bearing a bit of a resemblance to the Threadripper 2950X but with some significant differences.  The core counts match, however the performance results do not and there are the new handles, AMD Sharkstooth” and “AMD 100-000000011-11”.  In addition the frequency is slightly higher at 3.6GHz but the 128MB of L3 cache is the most impressive, previously we made do with a mere 32MB.

All of this should be considered rumour at this time, and we don’t have other vital statistics such as TDP, boost clock nor an official word on PCIe 4.0; though that last seems a safe assumption.  Drop by The Inquirer if you want to tease yourself a bit more.

As for performance in Geekbench 4, the mystery CPU achieved a single-core score of 5,677 and raked in a healthy 94,772 score in the multi-core results. That beats the Threadripper 2950X, most noticeable in the multi-core score, with the second-gen Threadripper managing 82,678.

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  1. James

    Great image. AMD Epyc 2 is just incredible. It will be interesting to see what they do with Zen 3. It is unclear whether it is going to be a small refresh or another big change. I am wondering if the first Ryzen 4000 will be a mobile APU though. There is a lot of very interesting things that they can do with Epyc going forward. We pretty much know what ThreadRipper 3000 looks like, we just don’t know how high they can push the clocks.

    I don’t think I can justify getting a thread ripper though. I would love to have some Zen 2 machines at work. Compiling with an old 4 core Xeon without even any HyperThreading is a slow process. Even a 6 core Zen 2 would be a massive upgrade. I don’t think I actually even need a 12 or 16 core Ryzen 3000 AM4 part for home. I am kind of waiting to see what the 16 core looks like. If it is too cherry picked, then I might go with the 12 or 8 core.

    On an unrelated note, posting here on mobile seems to always take a little work. I don’t seem to stay logged in very long. With arstechnica, it seems to keep me logged in indefinitely.

    Also, the text field for messages uses a super light colored text on my iPhone. I would prefer something a bit darker.


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