Vanilla Ice Lake Benchmarks, Plus Dr. Su Drops A New Hit

Source: Legit Reviews Vanilla Ice Lake Benchmarks, Plus Dr. Su Drops A New Hit

It’s Not A Rumour!

Intel finally cracked the last 10nm of ice hiding the performance of the Core i7-1065G7, the replacement for their previous generation of mobile processors, Whiskey Lake.  At an event in Santa Clara, hosted by that strangely familiar fellow below, the press were invited to spend 8 hours with an Ice Lake powered laptop and were allowed to benchmark any software they desired.  They were asked to keep their FLIRs, sound pressure meters and battery tests in their bags but on the other hand they were given a Thunderbolt 3 drive full of games and software to test, as well as checking the transfer rates provided by the onboard TB3 controller. 

That freedom is quite unique, historically the initial tests of a new chip from any major manufacturer are tightly controlled and so the benchmarks posted at Legit Reviews are worth a close look.   They were even allowed to disassemble the laptops and see what was inside.

Vanilla Ice Lake Benchmarks, Plus Dr. Su Drops A New Hit - General Tech 2

The star of the show was the new 11th generation Iris Plus Graphics, which utterly blew away the previous generation.  To provide a better understanding of the new architecture, the chips were able to be switched between 15W and 25W power profiles and the differences were striking.  In a 15W configuration the average frame rate of Ice Lake would match or beat the highest frames a Whiskey Lake processor and at 25W there was no comparison.

Keep in mind that as a mobile processor with onboard graphics so even at 25W Total War 3 Kingdoms was averaging 35fps; World of Tanks on the other hand peaked at over 300fps!  If you are looking to beat that you may have to wait until Dr. Su’s “rich 7-nanometre portfolio beyond the products that we have currently announced in the upcoming quarters.” arrives, or maybe for Intel to produce 10nm desktop parts.

In the mean time, it looks like Intel’s new mobile parts are going to be a hit with those who choose to forgo a discrete GPU in their laptops.

Intel recently invited a small number of hardware reviewers out to Santa Clara to be the very first to get a chance to do some hands-on testing with 10th Gen Intel Core mobile processors. We eagerly jumped at the opportunity to benchmark whatever we wanted to on the 10nm Ice Lake development platform with the Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor.

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  1. willmore

    That dude in the photo looks awfully familiar.

  2. koma

    Is that an “it’s not a tumour!” arnie reference? I approve.

  3. collie

    One must assume that this kind of press meeting is EXACTLY why Ryan and so many others have been headhunted by Intel,

    Intel: What annoyed you the most about our processor launches?
    Ryan: I hate just seeing internal benchmark lists without at least 8 hours and a stack of games to try it out, see if they are telling the truth
    Intel: Ok, make it happen.
    Ryan: Should I walk away for a while so they can open up the test model “Without my knowledge”?
    Intel: Let them do it with full permission

    I’m glad they have him, all tho I do miss that sexy butter on a pop-tart baritone of his on the podcast.

  4. remc86007

    The CPU benchmarks don’t look good. It’s a bad sign that the single core boost clocks are down 700mhz vs whiskey lake and the IPC improvements don’t always compensate for that. The GPU improvements look good, but I wonder how many OEMs will put in such high speed memory?

    I can’t wait for AMD’s Renoir parts.


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