Microsoft Is Painting WordPad Into A Corner

Source: The Inquirer Microsoft Is Painting WordPad Into A Corner

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Microsoft is more or less keeping their word that Paint will not be going away, but they are making it an optional feature in upcoming builds.  It seems that both WordPad and Paint are becoming second class applications which, unlike Cortana, you can actually remove and save yourself dozens of MBs of space.

Sadly this also suggests Microsoft will not be spending any effort to keep these apps alive and moving on to Paint3D or other alternatives will eventually be your best bet.  The Register is among those waving a fond farewell as these beloved applications join IE and Windows Media Centre on the bench.

What this means in practice is that you'll be able to uninstall both Paint and WordPad in a future version of Windows 10, saving literally megabytes of space. Just over 20MB in fact, with Paint weighing in at a svelte 11.6MB and WordPad a veritable size zero at 9.11MB.

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  1. collie

    They’ll take my notepad from my cold dead hands

    • Sebastian Peak

      It’s like a car manufacturer taking away the glovebox. It’s useful and people like it. Stop ruining Windows, Microsoft.


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