Razer’s New Viper Features Optical Mouse Switches

Source: Razer Razer’s New Viper Features Optical Mouse Switches

Lightweight And Lightspeed

Razer just announced a brand new Viper Gaming Mouse with a few new tricks up its sleeve.  It is the lightest of the Viper family, weighing in at a mere 69g and uses their new Speedflex Cable which is designed to offer minimal drag so you can move your mouse as fast as you like.  The mouse houses their fifth generation of optical sensor, offering up to 16,000DPI and rated for 99.4% resolution accuracy with tracking at 450 Inches Per Second.   There is enough local storage on the mouse to save your preferences, if you happen to be gaming on the go.

Razer's New Viper Features Optical Mouse Switches - General Tech 2

The sensor is not the only optical device on the new Viper, it also incorporates optical sensors for the right and left mouse button, the remaining six are still of traditional design.  Mechanical switches require a debounce delay to ensure it doesn’t unintentionally capture multiple clicks as the switch bounces after contact, by infrared light beam that passes through a shutter to fire an electrical signal to the computer, this mouse can completely avoid this. 

That means your clicks are registered without delay and with greater accuracy when gaming, which is very important for those seeking to be the next $3 million winner at an eSport event such as the recent Fortnite tourney.  The new Viper is now available for $80 if you are among those looking for an advantage when seeking fame and fortune.

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