The New 1.07.29 X570 Chipset Driver

Source: TechPowerUp The New 1.07.29 X570 Chipset Driver

You Just Can’t Please Anyone Fast Enough These Days

AMD have just released a new X570 driver version, 1.07.29, to address concerns some expressed about the processors using too many cores, at high clock-speeds, and voltages when the user felt it should be idling at low frequencies.   The complaints centre around the fact that the new Zen chips will reassess what they need every 1ms, faster than the average of 15ms for CPUs and more importantly is the rate at which the Windows 10 balanced power schema checks processor usage.  This will lead to the OS requesting higher frequencies from your Ryzen 3 as it interprets this as a high demand situation.

To resolve this, AMD’s new chipset drive includes a Ryzen Balanced Power Plan, which does check load every millisecond and matches the rate at which your processor can communicate.  You can see the results for yourself, and don’t worry about your socks, they will still be where they were after you do.

Just a few days ago, AMD commented on the idle clock behavior of their new Zen 2 processors, which has been criticized by many. The company also released a chipset update for mitigation. We thoroughly tested the new version in our application & gaming test suite, using the Ryzen 9 3900X on X570.

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