NVIDIA Hoists A New Shield Or Two

Source: The Inquirer NVIDIA Hoists A New Shield Or Two

Who Is mdarcy?

The Inquirer spotted something interesting in the Google Play Console, a new device code-named mdarcy which bears a remarkable resemblance to an updated Shield.   The device will be powered by the same t210b01 Tegra X1 SoC that Nintendo used on their recent Switch hardware refresh and will be a decent upgrade to a device which hasn’t seen a new version released since 2017.

Along with the suspected refreshed gaming device is a new Shield TV device, in this case clearly labelled as such in the submission to the FCC.  For this hardware NVIDIA went with Tegra X1 chip, but there were no other details forthcoming on the chip revision nor other contents.  It is postulated this might be a mini version, which will help with amount of clutter you need to hide somewhere around your TV. 

No launch dates as of yet, but we might get a tease at IFA in September.

All we can really say is that if these devices have gone to FCC and there have been no showstoppers, the devices will be announced and released fairly soon. Who knows, it could be that they'll break cover at IFA in a flurry of flashing lights and leather jackets.

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  1. willmore

    Any idea what the spec differences are? I don’t recall what the Shield TV device even had in it.

    I hope we get a new shield Tablet! I regret not getting one of those to upgrade the old Nexus 7 2013. It’s getting very long in the tooth!

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      It was a Maxwell Tegra X1 … if you still have one running then you can upgrade to Android Pie.

      No word on a tablet as of yet.

      • thezfunk

        Keep us update on the tablet, Jeremy! I am waiting on a new good 7″ tablet as well as I just had to have my Shield Tablet repaired to keep it going.

      • willmore

        Oh, so it is just a minor refresh, not a new generation. That’s a bit dissapointing. Then again, looking at the Tegra family, they don’t have any newer parts for the STB market. All the devices newer than the X1 are meant for cars and other applications.

        It’s hard to build a business on such a capricious supplier that can’t be trusted to continue product development.


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