PC Perspective Podcast #553 – Zen 2 EPYC, AMD Q2 Results, NZXT Lighting Kit

Join us this week as we discuss the new Zen-2 based EPYC “Rome” processors, take a look at AMD’s Q2 financial results, review an RGB ambient lighting kit from NZXT, and more!

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  1. MRFS

    Re: picks of the week

    I wrote Jim and Josh recently with this simple suggestion concerning vacuum cleaners:

    A Dewalt shop vac has a hose fitting on the exhaust side, which is great for blowing dust out of a running PC.

    Saves tons of cash otherwise spent on compressed air cans.

    The air velocity is moderate, and I find that a running PC’s fans help remove the dust from the chassis components.

    Then, of course, one must do something about the dust that settles on the floor, but that too is manageable.

    Try it!


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