EasySMX; Three Kind Mice, Cheap As They Come

Source: TechPowerUp EasySMX; Three Kind Mice, Cheap As They Come

Inexpensive, Mostly Ambidextrous, But Not Perfect

TechPowerUp takes a look at three mice from an unfamiliar company, all of which are affordable enough to give to a serial rodent slayer.  The EasySMX V50 is available for $19.99, looks a lot like a Logitech G Pro and contains a PixArt PMW3320 sensor which you see in many gaming mice today.  The EasySMX V18 is $9.99 and uses a PixArt PAW3519 sensor which is best suited for office work as the sensor has difficulty with quick movements.  It is also for right handers as opposed to the other two.  Last is the BD-01 at $23.00 making use of the aged Avago ADNS-9800 sensor, but also the mouse with the least friction.

There are some issues with the design that TechPowerUp covers, though with the prices above one should expect a bit of compromise.  Get the full details.

EasySMX offers gaming peripherals on a budget. In this review, we'll take a look at the capabilities of three of their mice—namely, the BD-01, V50, and V18, all of which feature vastly different specifications, shell designs, materials, and colors.

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