Time AI, The Gift What Just Keeps On Giving

Source: The Register Time AI, The Gift What Just Keeps On Giving

It’s TimeCube Meets Blockchain and AI

Last week at the Black Hat conference, there was one presentation which stood out above all others. Called Time AI they put together an introductory movie which didn’t get posted here as it is four minutes of your life you will wish you could have back.  If you doubt this then feel free and compare it to the venerable benchmark of the internet here.

Yes, by making use of “multidimensional encryption technology including time, music’s infinite variability, artificial intelligence, and most notably mathematical constants to generate entangled key pairs” Time Ai will perform mathematical impossibilities with ease! 

Why mention this now, you may ask?  For Crown Sterling, the company behind Time AI felt that the negative reaction they received from BlackHat conference attendees was excessive and hurtful and is now going to attempt to sue 10 “John Doe” defendants.  We can guess Dan Guido, CEO Trail of Bits will be one as he was forcibly removed from the presentation for pointing out significant flaws with the proposed technology, or as Crown Sterling put it, heckling.

This will be worth keeping an eye on, as it is bound to escalate to even more amusing levels.

Crown Sterling, a Newport Beach, California-based biz that calls itself "a leading digital cryptographic firm," is suing UBM, the UK-based owner of the Black Hat USA conference, in America for allegedly violating its sponsorship agreement.

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