5700 XT Ultra THICC II Offers More To Love

Source: TechPowerUp 5700 XT Ultra THICC II Offers More To Love

Three Ultra Slots Of Navi

If you are wondering how the XFX RX 5700 THICC II Ultra got so big, it is because it will feed on 300W of power or more when going full tilt.  While the hardware inside matches a standard RX 5700, the rated clocks sit at an impressive 1730 MHz Base, 1980 MHz Boost.  When TechPowerUp applied some extra Afterburner power they saw the actual clock hit and maintain 2039MHz, hitting 76C by the end of their testing.  The Ultra THICC card is intended to retail at $440 which puts it in the neighbourhood of the GTX 2060 Super which makes sense as it surpasses the GTX 2060 Super and often even the GTX 2070 (non-Super).

There is also a non-Ultra model which will retail for $420 and has slightly lower specs on the box, however you should definitely see Sebastian’s results on that card seeing as how the observed performance of the Ultra model exceeded the advertised clocks.

The XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT Ultra THICC II is one of the highest clocked Navi custom designs out there. It is cooled by a large triple-slot, dual-fan thermal solution that runs quieter than the AMD reference card and includes idle-fan-stop. With $440, pricing isn't unreasonable either.

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