You can acquire a big catalog of good games if you regularly check the Epic Games Store.

This week, aligning with the week of Batman Day, six free Batman games are available for anyone who wants to press a couple of buttons on the Epic Games Launcher. Like previous weeks, think of this like a limited-time, 100%-off promotion. They do not even need to be installed – just added to your library.

The first three games are contained in the Batman: Arkham Collection, which has the three Rocksteady Studios titles, Arkham Assylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight. The last three games are Lego Batman 1, 2, and 3, which are bundled as the Lego Batman Collection. While Arkham Knight had a famously rough launch, recent reviews are “Very Positive” on Steam… and it’s free, alongside its two great predecessors.

In a related story, WB Games Montreal, which made the not-free Arkham Origins, has posted a teaser video on Twitter for something Batman-related. It has been about four years since Arkham Knight, so it makes sense that another title would be nearing completion… if that is what’s being hinted.

These two, three-game bundles will disappear soon. In their place, Everything by David OReilly and Metro 2033 Redux will go free on Thursday. If you can’t wait, or you want to circumvent Epic’s store, Everything is currently 80%-off on Steam, so it’s only a couple of dollars. Metro 2033 Redux is also on Steam, but full price.