File These Tips, Future Samsung Fold-er

Source: The Inquirer File These Tips, Future Samsung Fold-er

Else You’re Liable To Damage Your Delicate Little Flower

Samsung has some suggestions for those about to drop a couple of thousand dollars on their new Galaxy Fold, if they want to avoid a repeat what happened when a few reviewers got their mitts on them a few months back.  The first tip is fairly obvious, do not remove the protective sheathing; as was discovered before it is not just to protect the screen but also to keep the phone together. 

They also suggest using a light touch as the Fold may react poorly to clumsy fingering, and avoiding any water or dust as the improved hinges still offer ingress points.  As The Inquirer points out that is rather hard to do, as there tends to be dust where there isn’t water.  Last and certainly not least is a warning about the magnets which hold the Fold closed; you should avoid putting the Fold close to keys, coins and other metallic objects commonly found in pockets or purses.

So, keep it segregated and sealed in an air-tight container at all times and don’t touch it!

Samsung says that you should ensure the phone stays clear of both water and dust. So probably best to keep the phone in a dust-light environment like the International Space Station at all times.

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  1. ObsceneSnowman

    At this point, the only people looking to buy this would be collectors. You might see this in some tech museum some day as an oddball prototype of a more successful device, or just a dead end curiosity.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      My vote is for the latter.


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