Humankind Needs A New Civilizations

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Humankind Needs A New Civilizations

In Amplitude’s New 4X Game The Map Is The Territory

One aspect of 4X games which has been getting somewhat out of hand are the number of screens you are required to click through to keep your burgeoning empire happy and growing.  In many cases the screens have links other screens nested inside them to the point where it can be a bit of a chore to find the one aspect you were looking to change or double check and this is something Amplitude intends to avoid in Humankind.

Similar to Sid Meier’s Civ series there are six ages to progress through from neolithic to modern, each with 10 different cultures to choose from which means that over time your empire will assimilate and grow in unique patterns.  You may end up with a mix of Egyptian pyramids and Japanese temples depending on the cultures you choose as your civilization grows through the various ages, assuming you don’t take advantage of the Transcend option. 

Check out the teaser over at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN and make sure to take a look at [CELL]IVIZATION below for a totally Excel-lent take on this type of game!

Voleau said that a downside to strategy games is that they often turn into games of multiple screens, switching from one to another, in a process that can be scary for players who aren’t experts in the genre.

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