In This Episode Of Intel’s Optane-mire, Barlow Is Killed By His Son

Source: The Inquirer In This Episode Of Intel’s Optane-mire, Barlow Is Killed By His Son

Found In An Alder Stream Even …

Optane is getting an update, and on paper it looks rather impressive as Intel is claiming Alder Stream will be twice as fast as the P4800X Optane drive thanks to a new controller and lower access latency as well.  There is, as one would expect, no mention of what this will do to the price, especially as the capacities are set to increase!

In addition to new unobtanium is a 96-layer 3D NAND SSD due to arrive this year, and The Inquirer also mentions 144-layer QLX 3D NAND will be coming to a server room near you some time in 2020.  These products are still priced outside the budget of all but a few enthusiasts and are intended to be sold to the enterprise market.  We can hope to see improvements to the consumer level starting to appear thanks to these advances, though it may take a while for them to arrive, so enjoy a glass of malt or vino while you wait.

Codenamed Barlow Pass, the Optane DC Persistent Memory effectively bridges the gap between SSDs and RAM-based memory, offering faster speeds than the former, but not as costly as the latter when used as in-memory storage.

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