It’s A Crosshair VIII Hero, There Has Got To Be A Twist

Source: The FPS Review It’s A Crosshair VIII Hero, There Has Got To Be A Twist

Roughly $400 Of Ryzen Powered Greatness

X570 boards are not cheap, with PCIe 4.0 being one of the driving factors behind it’s price difference when you compare them to previous generations.  In addition to the plethora of PCIe and M.2 slots, you will also find voltage measurement points, water flow headers, and LN2 features as well as onboard power and reset controls.   There is also a “safe boot” button which allows you to boot into a default BIOS to check settings without having to reset your BIOS and wipe all your settings, offering a chance to check hardware issues before reverting your overclocks and tweaks completely.

The FPS Review gave this one a Silver Award and you can see why in the full review.

If your budget is a little generous, the Crosshair VIII Hero Wi-Fi (or the non-Wi-Fi version) would make an excellent choice. I don’t think you’d be disappointed with either based on my experiences.

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