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The thing about games is that they can be fun and not everything has to challenge you to git gud or give up, though that can also be fun and rewarding.   If you are looking for a nice relaxing game that lets you laugh as you wander around being a bit of a bastard to random townsfolk, have you ever considered being a goose as opposed to a goat

Untitled Goose Game has arrived, for the nonce only on the Epic Store but soon to appear on Steam and people are having a blast with it.  Ars Technica enjoy running amok in a small town, occasionally even accomplishing some of the tasks which you are offered to complete.  They described it as, among other things, “Super Meat Boy meets point-and-click puzzlers” and highly recommend it.  Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN also took a gander at it and their only regret was that the game isn’t long enough to fully satiate their appetites for goosing people.

There is also a sale going on at Good Old Games, which includes the opportunity to add Freespace II to your library, for free, so you should head over before the offer comes to a close.

I've yet to find a hidden level where the hero gets revenge on the foie gras industry, which would've been nice.

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  1. unacom

    The Untitled Goose Game would have been perfect if it had two more areas to explore. I hope it gets more content, even as paid DLC, as long as it’s not to expensive. It’s the goose based sequel to Neighbors from Hell and Hitman I never new I wanted.

    Also, great to not have to use a proxy to visit the site anymore 🙂


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