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Mama Mia! It’s New Ryzen 3 Benchmarks

If you are curious how the new ABBA AGESA update changes the performance of the Ryzen 9 3900X you have come to the right post.  This new version looks to resolve the outstanding Boost Clock issue which many have noticed since the release, where their fancy new processor has trouble getting and maintaining a respectable frequency. 

As you should expect the results are not mind blowing as most processors were coming close to running at their advertised speeds, but there is certainly a measurable increase in performance in most applications.   Along with the increase in frequency is a bump in power consumption, again not a large one but a change nonetheless. 

Take a peek at what AGESA will do for you here.

AMD has finally responded to the Boost Clock issues on their Ryzen 3000 processors by releasing a fix for their AGESA BIOS firmware. We take a detailed look at the new clocking behavior and thoroughly test the update on the 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X in our extensive application and game suite.

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  1. arakisBunch

    just felt all that needed to be said last night on the podcast was as follows:

    “amd announced a fix for the boost issue coming on sept 30 and refuted the unsubstantiated fake news that it was an issue with longevity; for our part here at pcper we apology for implying that based completely on unsubstantiated conjecture and rumors and innuendo”

    towards the end, jim once again suggested it might be, which was really fucked up

    no doubt i am biased and subjective as fuck, but still guys, a lot of people suffered because of this fake news

    amd has changed the world

    we are no longer beholden to intel and their monopolistic practices that obviously have left us enthusiasts with far less than we should have been getting for far more than we should have been paying

    give fucking amd the credit they deserve and appreciate what they have brought us and done for us

    it seems insane to be trying to bring down a company that has forced the giant to reassess everything

    i love amd for what they managed to accomplish, which two or less years ago, nobody would have believed it possible

    how easy it is for intel to manipulate you folks at the expense of amd and all the people that love the company and it’s products

    and shut the fuck up jim until you have a clue

    steve at gn is entitled asshole whose success depends on negative shit, and he will go down for that

    • BigTed

      TLDR. Chill dude. Who pooped in your handbag?

    • Jim Tanous

      My apologies if you misunderstood my point, which I’ll transcribe here for reference:

      If you’ve bought a Ryzen chip, don’t feel bad about it, wait to see what happens. And even if it comes to pass that there is a reliability issue and they have to cap it, and it lowers performance, what are we talking about? A couple percent? Five percent? There might be some workloads where it’s bigger, but overall it’s going to be a small difference. And, at least right now, compared to what you could buy from Intel at the same price point, the Ryzen performance is so much higher, usually, that even if you had to take a small percentage performance hit you’re still going to end up better off than you would if you went with Intel.

      I was not intending to suggest there is (or likely is) a reliability issue. I was stating that even if it’s true, or if voltages need to be capped for any reason in fact, that it won’t really matter to overall performance compared to Intel because in many important workloads Ryzen is so far ahead of current Intel parts at each price point that it can afford to take a hit. In other words “Even in this potential worse-case scenario, who cares?”

      In response to your “trying to bring down AMD” comment, if you think that we’re not high on AMD, I don’t know what to tell you. There were indeed some challenging issues with X570 out of the gate, but overall we’ve concluded repeatedly that AMD’s efforts and results have been exceptional. From Josh and myself putting our personal money into building Ryzen 3000 systems, to Jeremy practically begging enterprise customers to switch to EPYC, to Sebastian’s positive, Gold Award-receiving reviews of the 3600X, 3700X, 3900X, and 5700XT, we’re as excited about what AMD has done to transform this market in the past 3 years as anyone.

      Where I’m sure we differ from you is that we also want Intel to compete hard, something it hasn’t had to do in the consumer space for some time, because as long as they do so legally, consumers will benefit. We root for competition and innovation, not trading one monopoly for another. I understand that some people feel that our predecessors didn’t do that, but as I tried to explain earlier in the podcast, we’re a completely different group of people. We’re going to cover these products fairly and provide data we believe is accurate. We may make mistakes on occasion, but we have absolutely zero incentive to unduly assist or “bring down,” as you say, anyone.

      • arakisBunch

        thanks for the reply

        just feel as if you didn’t need to say “… even if it comes to pass …”

        i appreciate you guys and apologize for my passionate outbursts

        • Jim Tanous

          No worries. I understand the reason for the passion! Thanks for giving us a chance.

  2. arakisBunch

    linus has infinitely more subscribers than gn

    linus is a happy site; gn is an angry site

    i prefer the happy site

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      Are you ok?

  3. Isaac Johnson

    arakisbunch – ‘shut the fuck up jim until you have a clue’

    also arakisbunch – ‘steve at gn is entitled asshole whose success depends on negative shit, and he will go down for that’

    also also arakisbunch – ‘i prefer the happy site’

    • arakisBunch

      point taken

      thanks isaac


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