ARMing Apple And Surface Users

Source: The Register ARMing Apple And Surface Users

Like Apples To Apples … But Different

We’ve know ARM was coming back to Microsoft’s Surface for a while now, with rumours about the hardware as well as the new Windows 10X version it will run on.  What we hadn’t heard was the price, at least not until The Register had a chance to look at the various options.   The prices reflect the UK market, but you can get a decent ideal by converting the price online.  A  Surface Pro starts at £999 for the 8GB version while the 16GB is £1449, and the RAM is neither replaceable nor upgradeable from what they were told.  If you add in the keyboard and pen combo for £259.99 the price will be just over £1700 or ~$2000USD.  There are some interesting features that the ARM model offers, but as The Register points out you will still be paying more for less performance than an Intel or AMD powered machine.

If you think that is expensive, how about the rumoured ARM-based Mac which The Inquirer heard tell of from several sources?  It is touted to greater efficiency and lower battery drain but may do the exact opposite to your bank account.  They heard a few other interesting tidbits you can read about behind that link as well.

2020 IS LOOKING like a big year for Apple fans. Not only is a 5G iPhone on the cards, but the firm also looks set to debut its first ARM-based Mac.

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