Fallout In Space! Welcome To The Outer Worlds

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Fallout In Space! Welcome To The Outer Worlds

Will You Choose The Microsoft Store or Epic’s?

You can wait for Steam until some time in 2020, at which time a Game of the Year version may exist but if you want to jump into Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds on Friday you have the two choices above.  The reviews are quite positive, it was not only Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN who noticed the similarities between this game and the Fallout series, including CRT monitors to read and a VATS-like system.

The Flaw and Perk system seems more interesting than recent Fallouts, and the stat and skill system more reflecting the older games.  The review covers other interesting features in the game, as well as pointing out a few things which may disappoint depending on your expectations and no, there is no base building!

In classic Obsidian style, you play as a sort of chosen one, mostly because everyone else is so inept they can’t even buy their own hangover pills (this is genuinely a pivotal part of a main story quest, by the way).

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  1. ObsceneSnowman

    From what I’ve seen so far, this game has been heavily shilled, and is (along with Borderlands 3) being given away with the purchase of various computer hardware. And in case anyone forgot, Obsidian is now owned by Microsoft and is a part of their “Xbox Game Studios”. Doesn’t inspire confidence in me at all. Very under-handed and corporate, and while a few writers from New Vegas are responsible for some creative aspects of this game, this isn’t the old Obsidian by any means, and the nostalgia pandering is disingenuous. Also, character designs look very derivative, without much creativity (a lot of the characters simply look the same).

    And, finally, Steam users are slighted again. Funny how they’re not brave enough to simply say no to steam, but are content to come back later to try to cash in.


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