A new GeForce driver is available for users who are experiencing problems with the WHQL-certified 436.48 version. The NVIDIA GeForce 436.51 hotfix graphics driver has been published to their CustHelp support page. This version has been built for Windows 10 64-bit standard and Windows 10 64-bit DHC.

It addresses two specific issues:

  • Crash to desktop in FIFA 19, FIFA 20, and Star Wars: Battlefront II.
  • Random flicker in Apex Legends.

If you do not experience these two issues – don’t install the hotfix. It should not provide any other benefits, and it wasn’t as tested as a normal release, so you’ll be spending time to, at most, potentially break something. If you do experience these issues, then you can install 436.51 instead of waiting for the next Game Ready driver.