If You’re Coming From San Francisco, And Wearing A Bulldozer In Your Hair ..

Source: The Inquirer If You’re Coming From San Francisco, And Wearing A Bulldozer In Your Hair ..

AMD Will Give You An Extra $300 Spending Money

The release of AMD’s Bulldozer and Piledriver CPUs a handful of years ago upset a group of people who felt that quad-core, dual thread CPUs were not actually octa-core processors and that this false advertising should result in compensation for those who were mislead by it.  After many years in court AMD settled the legal dispute by offering $35 per chip, an overall sum of $12.1 million except in California where the settlement was decided at $300 per chip.

If you happen to be in California and are able to power an internet connection you can claim this refund if you purchased an AMD FX-8120, 8150, 8320, 8350, 8370, 9370, or 9590.  Of course the claims all come from the same pool of money, so it may dry up quickly as has happened in the past

If you do happen to collect, perhaps you could invest it in one of the many fine CPUs available from both companies which also lie about the amount of cores they sport, if you want to pull on those threads.

The CPUs didn't exactly sell like hotcakes, but some folks that did buy the processors got a bit miffed at the core layout and felt short-changed by Team Red, which touted the chips as the "first native eight-core desktop processor".

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  1. collie

    I like my FX-8370. Just sayin

  2. JohnGR

    Intel created the Pentium 4. They almost lost half the CPU market.

    AMD thought it can do better with the FX line. It almost gone bankrupt. Still paying the price.


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