Just How Special Is The Intel i9-9900KS?

Source: Kitguru Just How Special Is The Intel i9-9900KS?

Ryan’s Kentucky Special?

Today we get a look at the Core i9-9900KS, a special release of the best of the i9-9900K processors made all of which operate 300MHz higher than your usual top end Coffee Lake processor, sporting a 127W TDP and a $14 to $25 price premium.  That is a wee bit of a bump from the 95W i9-9900K, but you need some serious juice to run all eight cores at a full 5.0GHz.  There is even some room for overclocking and 5.2GHz is reachable if you can keep your cool.

Kitguru’s testing showed that there are benefits from the increased frequencies in benchmarks and productivity software but for gamers you will not see a benefit unless you are able to drive a game with a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher.  Those with the hardware to drive a high refresh rate monitor will indeed see a bit of an increase as well as bragging rights.  On the other hand, it does tend to outperform AMD’s new chips overall, as far as performance per dollar goes Ryzen is still the better investment.

In a clear effort to stamp its clock frequency and gaming performance authority over AMD, Intel has released a ‘Special Edition’ version of the Core i9-9900K. Clocked at 5GHz out of the box on all eight cores, only the best of the Core i9-9900K silicon can become the Core i9-9900KS.

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