Google Daydream is not available on their newly announced Pixel 4 and 4 XL phones, and the Daydream View headset is no longer being sold. The software will continue to be maintained for existing users.

A Google spokesperson talked about the decision with Variety. While usage of the Daydream View has dropped over time, and that’s bad, the company is also concerned about the product’s actual concept. While a Daydream phone means that users can have a VR experience almost anywhere, it also means that their phone is less useful in its conventional tasks during that time.

I use Daydream on an almost daily basis as a media player (for relaxation videos before bed) and I can see that argument. It’s frustrating to take my phone in and out of its Daydream View. In my case, it’s usually to fix a no-sound or no-motion tracking bug, but more active Android users might have urgent notifications that they want to handle.

In my use case, it seems like the only option is now the Oculus Quest.