The Terrible Goose Has A New Task, To Infect A System

Source: The Register The Terrible Goose Has A New Task, To Infect A System

Beware Of Untitled Goose Save Games

If someone emails you a save for Untitled Goose Game you will want to just delete than, at the very least ignore it until you install the latest patch for the game.  Pulse Security bug-hunter Denis Andzakovic discovered that you can modify a save to execute arbitrary code, such as spyware and other unpleasant payloads.  This seems somehow appropriate for a game which puts you in the role of a horrible goose out to ruin as many people’s days as you can manage; along with your shopping and picnicking. 

Double check your game is up to date, as House House patched the flaw last week according to The Register.

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  1. collie

    Cummon man, That goose game save was e-mailed to me from my 86 year old aunt’s hotmail…. I’m SURE it’s safe. If we cant trust random saves e-mailed to us, than THEY have already won.


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