ADATA M.2 NVMe RGB SSD W/ RTS5762; Spectrix Rises

Source: Guru of 3D ADATA M.2 NVMe RGB SSD W/ RTS5762; Spectrix Rises

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ADATA wants you to RGB all the things, up to and including your gumstick SSD, which will probably necessitate the invention of a transparent heatspreader so you can see the blinken lights.   Their XPG Spectrix S40G RGB SSD does have one other interesting feature, it uses a Realtek RTS5762 controller, which is not something that the Guru of 3D has seen before; the 3D TLC NAND on the other hand is quite familiar. 

Testing showed the use of a heatspreader on this SSD is recommended, with the controller hitting 81C during load and throttling itself which led to some rather interesting and unpredictable results.   ADATA chose form over function for once Guru 3D took a closer look at the supposed heatsink sits on top of clear plastic which is then attached to the controller with sticky insulation tape.  This does not an effective cooling solution make; indeed it only looks cool for RGB fanatics.

Take a full look here.

ADATA recently started offering their Spectrix S40G NVMe M.2 SSD series, RGB bling aside, we really wanted to check out this SSD as it is based on a Realtek RTS5762, an 8-channel NAND controller we had not tested before.

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