Corsair Shows Off Their Design iCUE With The HS60 Pro Surround Headset

Source: Overclockers Club Corsair Shows Off Their Design iCUE With The HS60 Pro Surround Headset

HS60 Headset Headline, Hear?

Corsair have gone a different way with their HS60 Pro headset, forsaking an overabundance of RGBs for coloured stitching on the headband and simple colour highlights, in the case of the pair OCC reviewed they were yellow but other variants such as the one above are available.  50nm neodymium drivers are enhanced with a USB DAC that enabled virtual 7.1 surround when you are using it on a PC and the iCUE suite lets you tweak your levels however you desire.  The unidirectional microphone is of fairly standard quality but the mesh pop filter cover is more effective than many out there.

The biggest advantage the HS60 Pro has over the huge amount of competition in the market is the MSRP, at $69.99 it is less expensive than other similar models while still offering the same quality.

These things alone, coupled with a low price point, seems to point to an aggressive entry into the budget market. The market for budget headphones really seems to be heating up lately. Good thing for us. Let's see how the Corsair HS60 Pro Surround fares.

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