Google And The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Source: Ars Technica Google And The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

First We Kill The Virtual Printers, Then We Go For The Chromecasts!

If you have enjoyed using Google’s Cloud Print service then we have some bad news for you, as it will die December 31, 2020.  The service was rather interesting, if you connected to a printer over USB or a network, with a computer which runs Chrome or ChromeOS you could register that printer with the built in Cloud Print server browser add-in.  Once you have done so you can then print to that printer from where ever you are and on whatever device you were using, as long as you logged into Chrome.  Indeed it was popular enough that printer manufacturers embedded Google Cloud Print directly into their products to make it even easier on you.  Sadly this will be no more, much to the dismay of Ars Technica and others.

That isn’t the only bad news, as Google continues to try to find a way to use Stadia to prove there is such a thing as bad press.  The Stadia controller comes with a Chromecast Ultra, which lets you connect to the online gaming service to start playing.  You can use other compatible devices to connect to the service and this is a good thing as there are now reports of overheating Chromecast Ultra’s shutting down mid-game.  Thankfully they do come back after cooling off for a while, but for now it looks like you might want to work on a watercooling mod if you are bound and determined to give this service a go.

It's almost December, but Google's 2019 product bloodbath isn't done yet! The latest product to receive a death sentence this year is Google Cloud Print, an excellent printer-to-cloud bridge service that launched in beta in 2010.

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