Here’s An Actual Concern About 5G

Source: The Inquirer Here’s An Actual Concern About 5G

Even Better Is The Fact Some Work On 4G As Well

The ubiquitous coverage that 5G will offer, except when anything thicker than a piece of cardboard interrupts the signal, means that any vulnerabilities could be quite worrying.  In fact it seems that number of problems just increased by 11, as researchers disclose it is possible to track your location in real time, spoof emergency alerts or even disconnect a phone from a network.

Thankfully in order to manage these tricks, someone would have to build a nefarious radio base station and convince your phone to connect to it, which limits the amount of possible attackers as well as putting a geographical limit on a specific attack.  Sadly, The Inquirer learned this sort of software defined radio attack can be used on 4G networks as well.

SECURITY FLAWS IN 5G could let cyber creeps stalk your real-time location, according to security boffins from Purdue University and the University of Iowa.

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